Effortlessly brighten your smile in just minutes every day

Effortlessly-brighten-your-smile-in-just-minutes-every-dayThere might not be a single person on the planet that wouldn’t love a brighter and whiter smile.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a high school freshman hoping to catch the eye of that cute senior or a senior citizen hoping to show up at your high school reunion with a dazzlingly white set of chompers – or anyone in between. There’s just something about having brilliantly white teeth that all of us covet.

Unfortunately, for a lot of us, getting that brilliantly white smile isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world.

With every single year that goes by, our teeth get a little bit darker – usually darkening up by a shade or two every five or six years. The pigment inside our teeth becomes more and more prominent with age as the enamel starts to disappear, and before you know it all of those daily cups of coffee have done their job at staining your teeth just as best they could.

It’s enough to make a guy or gal go crazy!

Thankfully though, there are a lot of teeth whitening solutions available on the market today that we all have the opportunity to take advantage of. Many of them are offered directly from the kinds of dentists that we feel completely comfortable with already, and there’s certainly no shortage of DIY teeth whitening kits available over-the-counter as well.

The only problem there is that those teeth whitening solutions (both of those kinds of teeth whitening solutions) are usually a lot more expensive than most of us are able to afford on a regular basis. And no matter what you may have heard anywhere else, your teeth are going to need to be white and gradually over time to build up layer after layer of “whitening resistance” – and that’s why even the cheapest professional teeth whitening solutions are so expensive!

What if I told you that you didn’t have to spend a small fortune to have brilliant white teeth, and that you’d be able to brighten your smile all on your own in just minutes every day, getting the same kind of professional results from the comfort of your bathroom without threatening to break your bank account in the process?

Would you be interested?

Cut out the staining stuff ASAP

It’s going to be absolutely impossible to wait in your teeth on your own if you are going to continue to hammer your teeth with food and drink that will stain them every single time they come into contact with your teeth.

You’re going to want to bail on coffee (as much as possible, anyway), skip the black tea, and avoid “dark foods” – pasta sauce, blueberries, soy sauce, etc. – just as soon as you can. It’s the only way that you’re going to be able to build up consistency consistently whiter layers on your teeth.

Forget about baking soda

People all over the world have heard that baking soda is absolutely fantastic for whitening your teeth, but that isn’t exactly the full truth.

Yes, baking soda is amazing at removing stains that are already on your teeth, and you should definitely use it in the early stages of the whitening process to strip things down to your enamel. But you’re going to want to reel back on baking soda pretty quickly, as the same compound that is going to strip your teeth of stains will actively work to dissolve the outer layers of enamel – and that’ll put you in a really sticky situation!

If you lose too much enamel your teeth are going to darken all on their own, and then you’re really going to be in trouble.

Throw out your stiff bristle brush

For a while there, stiff bristle brushes were all the rage, as people thought they’d be able to deeper clean their mouths and their teeth with bristles that could stand up to a good scrubbing.

Now we understand that you can do a lot of damage with a toothbrush if it is too stiff, and it’ll actually work like sandpaper to scrub and abrade your teeth until the outer layers have been rubbed off. Pitch that stiff brush in the trash and instead swap out for something a little bit softer and you’ll be good to go.

On top of that, it’s always good to replace your toothbrush every three months or so – well before it looks worn out. By that time, it’s already no good!

Fall in love with mouth guards or gel trays

Even though whitening strips have gotten pretty popular in the last few years, they just aren’t going to be able to give you the kind of consistent contact you need to make a difference. What you’re going to want to do instead is fill up a mouth guard or a gel tray with teeth whitening compounds and then bite down, making sure that you get even distribution across the board.

Take care of that and use the rest of the tips and tricks we’ve included in this quick guide, and before you know it your teeth will be a lot brighter and a lot whiter than they are today!

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